How to Buy an Expired Domain Name from GoDaddy Auctions

//How to Buy an Expired Domain Name from GoDaddy Auctions

GoDaddy Auctions is a platform to buy expired domain names, from different listings on other websites or domain names submitted for auction by their owners. Go to GoDaddy Home page and click on the All Products drop down menu and go the Auctions homepage. You will a list of domain names available for auction, the domains that are just out will be at the top. Click on the advanced search option next to the search bar. If you aren’t sure of the exact domain name you want to purchase, simply type in the keyword and from the drop down menu, select “contains” implying that the domain name should contain your keyword. You can also set-up your particular price range for the domain so choose according to your own budget. You can also set up the number of letters for your particular domain name and it is preferred to keep it under 20 letters. Next, click on the extension you want your domain name to have and it is highly recommended to search for .com extensions first for countless benefits. In the Attributes section, click on the Buy Now Option as it will include people who just want to get rid of their domain names instantly and would be willing to sell at quite a low price. There are other options available in the advanced search bar so if you know exactly your domain name requirements, you could customize those options as well. Now simply go ahead and run search. Numerous results would come in a listing in terms of how long the auction has left. Scout for the domain name that suits your business and purchase it accordingly.

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If you are looking to resell the domain name, it is recommended to buy domain names with low starting prices. Therefore click on the “price” row to arrange the domain names according to their prices. Be creative while purchasing a domain name and if you cannot find one that clicks to you, simply go back to the search bar and edit the options again. Investing in the right domain isn’t easy and requires considerable brainstorming therefore be bold in your thinking. Go for simpler domain names as they would be more in demand. After scouting for the right domain, simply sign up to GoDaddy if you are a new customer and put the domain name in your cart. After filling out the credit card information, you are set to go.

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