How to Buy Domain, Hosting & Install WordPress under 10 Minutes on Big rock

//How to Buy Domain, Hosting & Install WordPress under 10 Minutes on Big rock

We know beyond all doubt that WordPress is the most famous Content Management System(CMS). This Content Management System was manufactured keeping in mind that everybody should have the ability to utilize it without any hassle. But, one thing that keeps many people far from it is the installation stage itself. Not that it is difficult but rather a little tech information could help you do this much effectively. Luckily, introducing WordPress with Big Rock is a breeze. The installation of WordPress has never been easy. In this article, we will walk you how to introduce WordPress in only a couple clicks with BigRockSaftaculous applications installer. Saftaculous introduces WordPress under 10 minutes and your website will be up and running in couple of minutes. Following are the necessary steps to setup your WordPress website under 10 minutes. Purchase a domain from BigRock. Then you have to purchase a hosting for the domain from BigRock. After that you have to setup your name servers. This will take 24 to 72 hours to enlist your name server. After that you must click for the domain name recorded under PO (purchased orders). Then Click Manage Web Hosting to login to cPanel. After login to cPanel look for WordPress. Tap on WordPress which will let you to install the WordPress through Softaculous Installer.

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Installing WordPress through Softaculous Installer

Pick the protocol as http or https. It is advisable to choose http when you setup the WordPress for first time. Select domain name. Keep in mind if name server is not updated you can’t pick your space name in this step. You have to leave the In-Directory empty. Erase wp under In Directory if you don’t wish to install under sub-directory. This will let you to install it in root folder of your domain rather than sub-directory If you wish to install under sub-directory don’t pick the default name wp. Rename it to different name that is not same. After that you must include your Site name. This will be shown like logo. So, pick proper case to show your site name. For example, Domain Name, rather than domainame.  You must then include description for your website. This will show like caption for the logo. After that you have to input your site caption. You do not have to put check onwpmu. Include your administrator account details. Then expand the Advanced Options to include your database details. Change the default database name. After that you must click Install. You will get a message after the installation is done. Now you are prepared to go.

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