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Buy and Sell Domains on Shopify?

Setting up the domain for your webpage is something you do only once so it is better that you get it right the first time around. Domains are the URL or website address internet users type to open a webpage. You do not need to know how domains work but there are some aspects of it you need to understand for setting up your own custom domain.

 Shopify is one domain host where you can easily buy and sell authority domains at affordable prices. Shopify makes purchasing custom domains an easy process. When you create an account on Shopify there is a single Domains page in the administration section that you can use to manage it and change settings.

 Buying Domains on Shopify

If you do not already own a custom domain then Shopify offers the choice of purchasing one through its store. Shopify has transparent prices and does not add surprise or hidden charges to the purchase. The domain is set up automatically for the buyer and he/she will maintain ownership of it even after they delete their Shopify account.

The price of domains bought on Shopify includes the registration for the first year and it can be renewed subsequently through Shopify until it expires or is cancelled.  The price of custom domains starts at 13 U.S. dollars per year. Prices vary for each domain so make sure you check the rates of multiple available domains before confirming your order.

Buying a domain is simple. You just have to navigate to the Online Store on Shopify and locate the Domains category. After you have specified you want to purchase a new domain you can enter any custom domain name that you would like to buy. There are many extensions available such as .com or .ca and their prices are listed in a drop down menu.


 After you have finished choosing a domain name you can check its availability and then go ahead with the order. There is an ICAAN policy and Domain Registration Agreement that you have to read and agree to its terms and conditions. When you are done with that you can buy the domain with the click of a mouse.

 Shopify will immediately send you an email confirming that you have ordered a domain however, the domain might not start working until 48 hours later. After buying the domain you can set a website address as the primary domain (which appears to the internet users who visit your website). There is even an option to set up auto-renewal of the domain so the ownership remains with you. Shopify does not offer email hosting so an email forwarding system has to be setup from the domain if you want the visitors to get in touch with you. 

 Selling Domains on Shopify

To sell your domain to another host through Shopify you have to get the domain unlocked and give the Domain Authorization Code to the new domain host. The domain should not be unlocked unless you are planning to sell it as the Domain Authorization code is the same as your password.

 Unlocking a domain on Shopify is easy. All you have to do is disable the locking function in the settings and save changes. It might take up to 24 hours for the domain to get unlocked. The Domain Authorization Code is accessible through the Domain Extras page. You have to disable it as well to get access. After the changes have been made to your domain it will be displayed on the top of the menu in the Domain Extras section.


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